Oct 3, 2013

Long Time No News

Hey there! We’ve had a bit of a break from correspondence. We’re in other bands, musical projects, jobs… you name it. But that’s no excuse and we’re very sorry for the neglect! We’re prepping a lot of new material for 2014. The beginning of the year we’ll be demoing, writing and recording. Giving ourselves some proper time to craft a new album.  But rest assured at some point in 2014 we’ll have a fresh batch of new jams. Just wanted to let you all know we’re alive and not shutdown.


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Sep 29, 2012

Listen to Shettler’s remix of our track Argentina: a 15-min Blade Runner-esque techno odyssey.

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Aug 7, 2012


Johnny Headband - Hot Button Topic (Casimer&Casimir remix)

You’ll know that I’m a fan of minimal music, but minimal deconstruction processes are also intriguing. The idea behind the dancey original single was “a simple experiment to see if we could use only one chord and make a really long song.” Then, the tear down began.

Casimer says he chose to focus not on that chord, but the vocal tracks. “By turning off all the original instrumental elements, I sought out to build an arrangement that would help support my impression of those regal, pretty, and uplifting supportive voices. Our reworking of the song is really an attempt at sustaining the feeling of grandeur I experienced on my virgin listen.” 

Get the 7” hot off the Five Three Dial Tone press.

thanks yvynyl … time to reblog this blog.  

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Jul 29, 2012

Photo from friday night courtesy of DANIEL Johnson (Taken with Instagram at Magic Bag Theater)

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Jul 27, 2012

listen to our in-studio interview w/ WDET FM 101.9 


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Jul 27, 2012


Casimer & Casimir Remix of Hot Button Topic.  Purchase a special 7-inch of Hot Button Topic by Johnny Headband and a B-side of Casimer & Casimir here: Five Three Dialtone Records

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Jul 26, 2012


Johnny Headband “Hot Button Topic” Limited-Edition 7” [Full Sleeve Art by Trevor Naud]



Jul 25, 2012


Good interview w/ Metrotimes!  Hot Button Topic  7" vinyl will be available friday July 27th online and at our Magic Bag Release show in Ferndale.  

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