These synth-swayed showmen showed up on the Detroit scene at the very tail end of its millennial garage-rock party, sufficiently sealing it off and sparking a new sensibility – one of surreal theatricality, dynamism and danceability.

Chad and Keith Thompson honed their live presentation with as much determined detail as they did their disco-inverting indie-funk jams. Charming and disarming stiff-arm Detroit hipsters with their cinematic stage show – their shoulder-shimmying bodies suggested a fancy-free, but their alluring grooves and serious stares assured they were aiming to be more than mere party-starters. They proved that much on their self-produced / self-released debut Happiness Is Underrated.  A cardio-kicked torrent of space-pop jams and more atmospheric soars.

Who Cooks For You is their most realized work – recorded between their suburban Detroit studio and inside an acoustic-augmenting cabin in the woods of northern Michigan, they’ve succeeded in sealing, if barely, the footloose fits and anthemic attitude onto a single album, bedazzled with starry-night synth cascades but then riled-up by clattery, running rhythms—it’s Dark Side of the Moon until it’s Purple Rain until it’s Sound of Silver meets Odelay if it were produced by Quincy Jones—a poignant and pensive new pop thing, with brass roars and dreamy surf guitars, new mellifluous vocal belts and a glittery swirl of synth, mad-cool bass grooves and dance-inducing drums.

Sweet, sparking and smacking of summer-time – Johnny Headband are catering an epic and ebullient sonic barbecue.

Items of Note

  • The Electric Six bassist Smorgasbord –and Johnny Headband’s Keith Thompson are one-in-the-same. 
  • Chad Thompson has been sharpening his studio sensibility for as long, if not longer, than he and his brother have had this band, manning the boards for all three releases. He is also an accomplished Video Editor, Animator & Motion Designer 
  • The band found considerable inspiration during their camping trip up north (Michigan) for primary Who Cooks For You sessions, despite their proximity to a Military bomb-testing site – the earthy, rustic resonance of their cabin is utilized for atmospherics for the bridges/intros/outros of a few songs. 
  • Thompson-bros as teenagers produced their own toy-box propped short-films with camcorders and hand-me-down, closet excavated wardrobes. Ten years later they were graduating college with degrees in media production – hence, they also self-produce/direct their own music videos.
  • 2009’s Phase 3 EP added guitarist Gerald Roesser aka "PANIC" (PAS/CAL, Lettercamp, The History of Pan!c), hearing them jettison off into krautrock-kicking rock, into an atmospheric/tribal space-folk, and even into shoegaze-blazed disco-pop, in just 3 songs.  PANIC is also an accomplished studio-man, who is a sometimes member of their touring band.  


"Sunshine. “Hot Button Topic” brings it. Your joints will free up and veins will pump with sparking endorphins; you’ll want to get your knees kicking high up; your fists will fold, and you’ll flail your arms as you jog out into the warming air — This is a Summer Jam!" -TINY MIX TAPES

"The deadly catchy second single off their upcoming album Who Cooks for You, "And Then Again" combines the dreamy pop of Foster the People with the weirdo genius of Beck and the campy playfulness of Scissor Sisters." - MTV  

"Who Cooks For You is a fantastic album... If these guys aren’t playing festivals all summer, some organizers needs to be tarred and feathered." -Metro Times

(And Then Again) "Before you know it, the hook is embedded in your head indefinitely. Oh, and their brand of indie pop is pretty fantastic as well." -JayeL Audio

"On the surface, something this indefinable could fail, but the songwriting is excellent and the album swirls and threads perfectly from track to track".  - The Vinyl District

"Who Cooks For You seems familiar yet it’s not beholden to current “indie” music trends; it refuses to be pigeonholed but all the same, it is one ridiculously enjoyable album. Who Cooks For You crams a lot of flavor into its 35 minutes.".  - Pop Shifter